Bram Stoker's Dracula Pinball Machine sold by Kirk Weaver of Kirk Weaver Enterprises

Hello all,

This site is setup as a warning to all who may have dealings with a Pinball seller/dealer named Kirk Weaver of Kirk Weaver Enterprises. He sells on eBay under the username Kaweaver.

I bought a pinball ball machine from Kirk Weaver Enterprises off of eBay. This Bram Stoker’s Dracula pinball machine has many problems.

I would not want to wish anyone to buy a pinball machine from Kirk Weaver with the same problems as the one that I bought. If you do not know how to work on pinball machines you would have a hard time keeping a pinball machine like the one Kirk Weaver sold to me up and running.

Of all this pinball machines problems the “wire hacks” are the most offensive. It is my guess that Kirk Weaver is selling what is known as “reimport pinball machines.” Reimport pinball machines are less desirable in the pinball community because on average their condition is worse than like domestic pinball machines. At the time of writing I cannot find that Kirk Weaver is disclosing that he is selling “reimport" pinball machines on his ebay auction. This fact would be an important detail to many pinball machine buyers.

Below are some but not all of the problems with the pinball machine: Kirk Weaver’s description stated that the pinball machine was "has been tested and checked to make sure it is working properly". I do not believe that to be the case.

Here are the problems so far after working with the machine:

The DMD is missing four lines. I feel this should have been disclosed in the description.

Click on small photo for larger view pinball DMD with missing lines >>

The mist ball doesn’t work correctly. It basically works from right to left (kind of) but not left to right. The ball gets hung up in the wire gate. The gate looks like a non-factory part. To get the ball in the right gate the ball launch has to shot repeatedly (it makes it 1 out of 5 times and sometimes gives up altogether.) The factory ball stop has been removed and now the ball will not clear the wire gate – it just runs into the IR receiver.

Click on small photo to see wrong/missing part on the mist ball >>

The knocker was missing.

Click on small photo for larger view >>

The lockdown bar is broken.

Click on small photo for larger view >>

The lock on the translite has been broken of and the translite is was being held in with wood screws….. just bad.

Click on small photo for larger view of broken translite lock >>

The power supply and coin door have and replaced and have electrical tape that is coming off. I have to hold the electrical taped reset wire for the credit/escape adjustment button to work.

Click on small photo for larger view of wire hacks on the coin door >>

Click on small photo for larger view of wire hacks on the power supply >>

The coffin ramp is out of adjustment and never meets the playfield. It has now been fixed by me not Kirk Weaver.

Click on small photo for larger view of pinball ramp >>

The coffin ramp ball guide on has bad “z shaped” bend in it.

The upper right target does not work. The leaf makes contact but the target dosn't respond. It may be a wiring problem but it is probably the board.

The flipper right flipper is set at the wrong angle and the flippers have been replaced with the wrong color are old and need to be replaced. Now, fixed by me.

Click on small photo for larger view of pinball flippers >>

The machine is overall dirty with much black carbon build up on the coils and lenses. Worse yet the coils look like they have been lubricated. This has mixed with the carbon from the coils forming a black "goo" all over the coils.

The legs have been repainted with some type of paint that is cracking.

Click on small photo for larger view of repainted legs done by kaweaver >>

The leg bolts and/or plate is striped on the rear right.

The machine was delivered when I was on vacation even though I gave Kirk Weaver written instructions at the time of payment not to deliver on those dates.

The lights work (kind of) but the machine is so well played that they are flaky and will not work even though good contact has been made

The leg levelers are missing and/or have been cut off. I can’t even setup the machine properly without leg levelers. Kirk sent me some replacement leg levelers but the broken one leveler is rusted/frozen in place and must be drilled out to be removed. This project could take hours and will probably ruin your drill bit and the treads in the leg. The cost of new legs $15.99 each plus shipping.

Click on small photo for larger view >>

The cabinet has sloppy “touch ups” This made the cabinet look good in the pics but they are obvious when you see it in person.

The power cord was missing, cash box missing,

However, Kirk Weaver did a good job packing the machine.

After much back and forth with Kirk he sent me the IR cover that was missing (after first claiming that the part was already on the machine.) The mist ball is still not working, as there is a missing post that may be affecting the ball from loading properly. He sent me some leg levelers that I can't put in because the old leg has a stripped out leveler that is in there now. He did send a used replacement dmd. He also sent a knocker cut out from another game and a factory left gate to replace the "homemade" wire gate installed on the pinball machine. Kirk Weaver was supposed to give a partial refund for this machine. Surprisingly, he never sent it and stop communicating with me when the dispute on eBay timed out.

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